Why are Youtube and Twitter blocked in Turkey?

I am an amateur musician from Turkey, who covers mainly Turkish Folk and Pop Music. And now my main platform Youtube is blocked in my country. I am really disappointed about the situation and after many questions from my foreign fans, I decided to tell you whats going on in Turkey nowadays.

In fact Turkey has never been so free about internet rights but more radical decisions began in 1-2 years.

The impact of the social media in Arab Spring made Turkish authorities afraid. First it is decided to “filter” internet. It was protested my hundred thousands of people in many cities of Turkey with the slogan of “Do not touch my internet” (internetime dokunma)

During the occupy gezi events in Turkey, social media showed its influence again. (May 31th of 2013) The mass and main stream media  was under pressure but social media  was so free to communicate compared to others. So the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed twitter and facebook as a part of this “rebelious” movement.

In December 17th of 2013, Turkey was waking up with another operation against the sons of 4 minister of Turkish Government. The claim was malpractice of these ministers. Again the hot days for the streets and social media began. This time youtube became an important figure because many strangely recorded telephone calls were began to be uploaded to youtube. Some of these recorded calls are about taking bribe (of politicians and sons of politicians), some of them are about the pressure of government to mass media editors and bosses.

Lately, the government decided on many new laws to “protect”  itself. As a part of it, the control of government (not justice) over internet became more powerful. Many people in Turkey, call the President Abdullah Gül to veto the new internet law. But he declared he sees that law democratic and approved.

With these new laws, twitter is blocked first. (on March 21th, 2014) It is declared by government that it is about pornography.

And today, (March 27th, 2014) a new video is uploaded to Youtube. It is about the Syria politics of Turkey and it is a “listened and recorded” conversation between the head of Turkish intelligence service, Foreign Minister of Turkey, second most powerful man of the Turkish army and some other officers of Turkish Foreign Minister.

After a meanwhile, Youtube (Not the videos, whole Youtube) is blocked in Turkey. Still there is no decision of a court but Turkish Government has this authority to block any web page by the new internet law in Turkey. Also all TV’s and Radios and newspapers are banned to make a news about the content of the latest video.

I hope this ban will be removed soon and I can upload new covers of my self.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


Piano Turca


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