Youtube Blocked in Turkey!

Due to upload of a video, about an “official secret” of Turkey, Youtube is blocked in Turkey today. Not only a video, whole Youtube! (One week ago twitter was also blocked, and it is still not reachable under legal circumstances)

So my music videos are also blocked!

It is hard to understand such a decision as an amateur musician, a computer engineer and as a citizen. I hope youtube will be reachable again from Turkey soon.

If you are trying to understand the situation in Turkey, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.


sara eissa

Mart 27, 2014

10:47 pm

Why was it Blocked.. Could you tell me What’s going on in Turkey?

~Sara Eissa

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Piano Turca

Mart 27, 2014

11:40 pm

I wrote another blog about the situation. I think it will be usefull for you. 😉


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