Piano Turca

Piano Turca first started its journey on the internet and social media in 2012 with the aim of expressing the Anatolian culture by piano. Inspired by Mozart’s “Rondo Alla Turca” (“Turkish March”), he chose the name Piano Turca. The artist not only covered the well-known songs with piano, but also took part in national and international films, documentaries and commercials with his own compositions.


“View of Ankara” painting, which is the oldest known picture of Ankara, came to life with music and took its place on digital platforms as Piano Turca’s third album “Bir Ankara Manzarası” (View of Ankara).

All compositions and piano arrangements of the album belongs to Piano Turca and symphonic arrangements by Emanuel Abrudean in the project, in which the album depicts the painting, and the painting depicts Ankara. The mix and mastering of the album was done by Dave Weckl and Claudio Passavanti, the cover design by Sabir Shah, and the painting animation videos by KnockKnockEstudio. The album, which includes symphonic versions of each track, invites music lovers to a journey where history and music are intertwined.


The short film “Give Me a Lighter”, directed by Gökhan Kaya and telling about the The Dumlupinar Submarine collision, was shown in film festivals in Turkey and abroad, and received many awards. The movie “Give Me a Lighter” won 7 more awards in 2018, apart from the one it won from Norway. The film, which was shown in countries such as England, Russia, Nepal, Portugal, Cyprus and Armenia, also gained representation rights in France, Germany and America.

The movie was also the first short film to be released in the world on digital platforms such as short film, iTunes and Apple TV.

Piano Turca took part in the soundtrack of this short film with the original adaptation he brought to the folk song “Ah Bir Ataş Ver”. The music has also been published as a soundtrack on digital platforms.


The second album, in which 20 Piano Turca Compositions were presented in both piano and symphonic versions, was arranged by Freddy Parra from Venezuela.


Piano Turca presented the works that came out with orders from 13 different countries during his composition studies, with his first album “Hayal” (Dream).

Movie | Hadi Be Oğlum (Soundtrack)

Director : Bora Egemen
Stars : Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Alihan Türkdemir, Sezai Aydın

Movie | İstanbul’un Rum Mimarları

Director: Grigoris Oikonomidis

Short Movies :

Ah Bir Ataş Ver
Tozlu Hayatlar
Seçim yapmayı reddediyorum
Tatlı Rüyalar
Araf : 40. Gün
Cumhuriyet’in Ablası

Ad Productions :

Yurtbay Seramik - 23 Nisan Reklamı
Yurtbay Seramik - Ayrılsak da Beraberiz Reklamı

TV Productions :

İsmail Küçükkaya - Çalar Saat (Sabah Haberleri) - Fox Tv
10 Kasım 2019 İlker Karagöz ile Çalar Saat Hafta Sonu - Fox Tv
İrfan Değirmenci ile sabah haberleri - Kanal D